Messages from CBCI

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (C.B.C.I.) is the permanent association of Catholic Bishops of India. It was formally constituted in September 1944 at the Conference of Metropolitans held in Madras. Its objectives are to facilitate coordinated study and discussion of questions affecting the Church, and the adoption of a common policy and effective action in all matters concerning the interests of the Church in India. The Catholic Church in India is the second largest healthcare provider in India after the Government of India.

The Catholic Church having received the mandate from Jesus Christ, the Divine Healer, to ensure life in its fullness, and inspired by his compassionate love, envisages a healthy society where people, especially the poor and marginalized, attain and maintain holistic well-being and live in harmony with the Creator, with oneself, with one another and with the environment. Responding to the acute shortage of healthcare personal in Jharkhand and in the tribal belt of Chotanagpur, the CBCI took a decision to start a Medical college and Hospital in Ranchi named after Constant Lievens, the apostle of Chota-Nagpur. Just as St. John’s National Academy of Health Science strives, “to provide for the relief of suffering, to promote and preserve the health of the community and to give an example of enlightened training in dedicated service, which is characteristic of Christian educational and social welfare institutions,” Constant Lievens Academy of Health Sciences also aims to relieve the suffering and to promote dedicated healthcare personnel in Jharkhand.

Through this institution, the Catholic Church seeks to make a significant contribution to medical education and service, the improvement of which is a primary need of the Country and especially of North India. In this endeavor, its aim is not only to train medical, paramedical and nursing students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and orient them to the current needs of the Country, but to undertake the training of teachers, specialists, research workers, health administrators, pastoral care personnel and community health workers for the overall advancement of the science of medicine and its effective application. As a primary means for the achievement of the institution’s objectives, emphasis is placed, in the selection of students, on their character and commitment to values necessary for a broad-based and sound intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical and social education.

I invite you all to join hands with this ambitious project that will benefit a large group of people especially the most disadvantaged people of Central North India. Let us join hands to bring solace to the suffering. Together we shall make a difference.

His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias
President CBCI &
CBCI Society for Medical Education – North India

Jharkhand is one of the younger States of the Indian Union, created on November 15, 2000, having been carved out of Bihar. Rich in mineral resources, the State contributes to a large part of the total mineral production in India. The State’s 26.30 per cent of the population is tribal. The health scenario of this state is far from being satisfactory if one takes into consideration, the health care personnel and facilities available in the state. The State of Jharkhand has three medical colleges one each in Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Ranchi with a total student intake of 250 undergraduate students and 161 postgraduate students. The city of Ranchi has one Medical College Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences with an annual intake of 150 undergraduate students and 150 postgraduate students. The nearby states of Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa have 10, 15, and 9 medical colleges respectively. The citizens of Jharkhand have been deprived of this education. There is definitely shortage of medical doctors in the state, which drives the hospitals. One has to predominantly get medicos from other parts of India which is often a rather tall order.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), considering the acute shortage of medical personnel and growing exigencies in the field of health, especially in the North India, has decided to set up a Medical College and Hospital in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The Catholic Church had been working for many years to address these important health care requirements of the state through various hospitals and dispensaries. Holy Family Hospital Mandar run by the Medical Mission Sisters had been catering to this health care need of the state since 1947. The willingness of Medical Mission Sisters to collaborate with the CBCI to start the medical college at Mandar has been a boost to the dream of the CBCI. The Archdiocese of Ranchi also has contributed its mite by willingly parting with 8 acres of land for this important cause. In the first phase, we plan to upgrade the hospital to 500 bed facility. Medical College with hostel facility, development of the Nursing school into a nursing college etc are the plans to be implemented in the second phase. The great Missionary work done by Fr. Constant Lievens has rooted the Catholic Church in Jharkhand and at the same time it has been a sign of his love for the poor, the marginalized and the tribals. So this medical college and hospital will be named after this Great apostle of Chota-Nagpur.

I cordially invite all of you to be a partner in this humanitarian Endeavour ! Together we can make a difference ….!

May God bless us all !!!
Telesphore P. Cardinal Toppo
Archbishop of Ranchii

This is a humble appeal to all to support the creation of a modern hospital and medical college in Ranchi. The project needs your support and it is already received from the Medical Mission Sisters  a 150 bed Hospital built in 1947 and which had become practically dysfunctional, a  20 seat nursing school which is running very well and 17 acres of land in Mandar. The Archdiocese of Ranchi gifted the project 8 acres of land. We are now taking over the Hospital on April 1, 2016.

The CBCI has a Registered Society called CBCI Society for Medical Education – North India. This Society is entitled to Tax Exemptions under Section 80G and 12A.

My dear Brothers and sisters, we require help very urgently. We need a huge amount to be paid in revenues to the Government for the land and hospital registration. But even more we need funds to start the renovation of the Hospital and to begin equipping it with life saving equipment, doctors, nurses and amenities.

I am coming to you with folded hands requesting you help for our tribal people. You can avail of the tax exemptions provided by 80G and 12A. Your generosity will help us make this hospital and medical college a reality. But moreover, I am convinced from my experience that God will reward you and your family a hundred fold, indeed a thousand fold for whatever you give to his poor.

May the good Lord bless you in every way.

We assure you of our prayers.


Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas SFX

Auxiliary Bishop of Ranchi and

Executive Chairman of the CBCI Society for Medical Education – North India  Project for Medical College in Ranchi